EnCompass Operating Room Program

Ecolab exhibits at the EORNA  
4 - 7 may 2017

The 8th congress of the European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA) will be held in Rhodes island – Greece from the 4th to the 7th of May 2017.

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The scientific programme will offer delegates from over 40 countries a wide range of innovative and interesting topics, with oral presentations, poster sessions and workshops. This congress will be an excellent opportunity for nurses, leaders and perioperative professionals to share knowledge and experience for improving perioperative care.

Ecolab will be one of the sponsors of the event and you as a delegate can visit us at booth number 16. During this congress, we will highlight innovations such as EnCompass Operating Room Programme, Patient Temperature Management, Equipment and Patient Drapes, Skin Disinfectants and Surface Disinfectants. All delegates are invited to participate in our Hand Hygiene Day activities on Friday, May 5th.

In addition to highlighting surgical and infection prevention solutions, Ecolab Healthcare will be hosting two focus groups around core surgical innovation and one-to-one sessions with operating room professionals to further understand their daily routines and challenges. 

For more information on Ecolab Healthcare solutions, please fill out our contact form and an Ecolab representative will be in contact with you soon.



INTRATEMP™ Fluid warming

Ecolab's IntraTemp provides continuous warm irrigation fluid at controlled temperatures in a sterile environment, helping to prevent inadvertent hypothermia or other injury.

Hush Slush
During procedures requiring topical cooling, Hush-Slush Systems from Ecolab deliver velvet-soft slush which saves valuable nursing time.
Equipment Drapes
Equipment drapes

Ecolab covers every need. With a proven history of leadership in prevention and protection, Ecolab offers the most comprehensive line of equipment drapes available.

OR Room Turnover
Operating room programme

The EnCompass Operating Room Programme takes a focused approach to the OR turnover that provides healthcare facilities with a complete programme to help reduce OR turnover time, improve OR environmental hygiene and overall operational efficiencies.

Cleaning & Disinfectant Wipe

The Hi-speed H2O2 ™ technology combines the disinfecting properties of H2O2 with plant-based surfactants and natural stabilizers to enable the very effective cleaning and disinfecting characteristics in the Incidin OxyFoam and OxyWipe Range.

Our range of traditional surgical scrubs provide safe and effective pre-operative hand antisepsis prior to surgery. Our latest generation alcohol rubs combine excellent skin compatibility with rapid efficacy making them ideal for quick turnarounds.

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