Sekusept™ Multienzyme

The cleaning of medical instruments and endoscopes is a precondition for an effective disinfection. The combination of four different enzymes and multiple surfactants means that Sekusept™ Multienzyme offers you an excellent cleaning performance. Sekusept™ Multienzyme is an ideal enzymatic detergent for all kinds of medical instruments including flexible endoscopes.
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Product Details

  • Protease, lipase and amylase enzymes to help break down protein, fat and starch.
  • Low-foaming formulation for easy rinsing and high visibility of instrumentation.
  • Transparent blue colour to indicate when product has been added.
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • pH neutral, safe for user and compatible with all medical devices.
  • Choice of 6L & 2L formats for high and low usage areas.