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Ecolab believe that the provision of cleaning chemistry is only the the start of our relationship with the customer. We offer a complimentry range of services to support you and your department at no extra cost.
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Service Details

Thanks to its innovative design, the SolidSafe Dispenser can be easily installed by one of our nationwide team of service technicians, wherever there’s a water and electricity supply.

We provide:

  • Pre-installation survey, with adaptation of the SolidSafe System to fit each department’s needs.
  • Full installation of the system with minimal downtime.
  • Installation certificate including soil test, protein test and validation of the batch concentration.


Your Ecolab Healthcare Manager will provide full training for your staff on the SolidSafe System. To support your team, they can also provide training and posters on best practice in manual handling. Training certificates will be provided for staff records.

Six Month Service

Ecolab engineers will service the SolidSafe Dispenser every six months. After your service visit you will be provided with a service report detailing the work carried out and any further recommendations. We will also provide you with batch documentation and independent validation of the batch concentration.

Annual Residue Test

On an annual basis our service team will also carry out a residual chemistry test on the final rinse water and provide you with a certificate to aid your annual validation process.


In case of breakdown, the SolidSafe Dispenser has a storage tank of liquid plus a spare storage tank that will provide the department with product for three days. Ecolab guarantee to repair the fault within that time.