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Maintain a pest-free environment with the FoodProtect Programme from Ecolab. We can help you attain strong audit scores and provide business insights to improve results throughout all of your facilities. Our proactive approach to pest elimination helps you meet the need for greater consistency and documentation in the face of increasing food safety risks.

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Services 

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Food Protect Programme

Our Food Protect programme is an audit-compliant integrated pest management programme that was specifically developed to meet the needs of the food processing industry. The programme is designed to minimise pest risk, enable you to meet the requirements of third party audits, and ensure your food safety. Plus, you can tailor the programme with additional services based on the specific needs of your individual location – making this a truly customizable programme.

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Our free site survey brings experts directly to you. Our trained surveyors will assess your site and requirements and provide you with a thorough report detailing how you can protect your business against pests and the risks they pose.


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Connecting Essential Solutions to Today's Food and Beverage Processing Demands

Nearly every food and beverage production facility feels the pain of increasing product variety and de-specialization - from operational challenges of optimizing changeovers, to administrative burdens of managing new supplier relationships, to the additional risk presented by adding new inputs and new production workflows to operations.

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  • risk-based assessments
  • improving receiving and inventory management
  • simplifying food specialization
  • optimizing cleaning and sanitation programme

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