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Whether damaging your property with their droppings and nests, or creating an unsightly and unsanitary mess in and around your building, nuisance birds like pigeons and gulls can cause real problems. Our Pest Elimination Service Specialists will deliver a programme that will protect your customers, your employees and your business.

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Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry's most complex pest challenges. You need a partner with the proven science-based expertise to help you protect your brand and maintain a safe, healthy, pest-free environment.

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Protect Your Business From Nuisance Birds


  • Birds can pose a major hazard to your customers, employees and the general public.
  • Bird droppings damage buildings and create an unsightly mess that can cause accidents, while contamination of foodstuffs can lead to prosecution and fines.
  • Gulls are noisy and threaten the safety of your customers and staff with aggressive behaviour.
  • Nests not only block gutters and other conduits, they also provide harbourage for insect pests that live on birds, their habitats and fouling, leading to secondary infestations.
  • Birds carry and spread many dangerous diseases.



Netting is the most effective way to protect buildings and other structures by denying access to all types of birds. Fitted by our experts, this high grade polyethylene mesh with stainless steel fixings is virtually undetectable from ground level.

Spiked systems

This anti-roosting system deters feral pigeons and gulls from fouling ledges, parapets, cornices and similar roosting points. Featuring stainless steel wires on a UV light stabilised polycarbonate base. Spiked systems are flexible enough for installation on curved surfaces such as arches and signs.

Spring wire systems
Designed for installation on ledges, cornices, parapets and similar roosting points, spring wire systems create a physical barrier to a bird attempting to land and repel it gently without harm. Once in position the system is largely undetectable.

Fouling Removal
This multi-stage operation ensures that fouling is removed safely and hygienically to eliminate contamination risks and protect building structures. Biocide and insecticide treatments are carefully applied to eliminate associated pests and sanitise the site.

Regular flights of trained hawks can be used to deter birds from frequenting certain habitats and to move them elsewhere. This is particularly useful on large sites, such as food factories and open landfill sites.

Gull Clearance
Gulls nesting on building rooftops have become increasingly common and not just in coastal areas. Nesting birds are protective of their young and can become extremely aggressive.

Live Trapping

Where the objective is only to control flock numbers, the discreet use of strategically sited cage traps enables unwanted birds to be removed humanely over a period of weeks and re-sited elsewhere. The operation can be tailored to the size of flock involved.

Used as a last resort, shooting is sometimes the only feasible method of controlling isolated birds or small flocks, for instance in a food factory where product is at risk of contamination.

Bio-acoustic dispersal
To move flocks away from specific buildings or locations, this technique uses a mixture of alarm and distress calls, mimicking nature, over a carefully scheduled time programme. The purpose is to change the roosting habits of the birds without causing physical distress.

Optical gels are used to deter birds from landing on surfaces, as their sight discourages them from approaching the treated area.

Electric track system
A discreet, efficient and humane solution to deter birds from landing and congregating in an area. Ideal for protecting a wide range of buildings and signage as birds alighting on the track are subjected to a non-harmful, low level electrical current.

Protect your business from birds.
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birds: the risks to your business
Learn about the different risks that birds can pose to your facility, and find out how to protect your business.

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