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Ecolab (NYSE: ECL) is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, delivering comprehensive solutions and on-site service to promote safe food, maintain clean environments, optimise water and energy use, and improve operational efficiencies for customers in more than 170 countries.
Greaselift™ Effective Degreasing Made Safer
Greaselift™, a daily degreaser which achieves outstanding results without the need for PPE. Greaselift™ positively promotes a safer working environment and makes a positive environmental impact.
Apex, A Warewashing Programme You Can Count On
Solve your biggest warewashing problems with automatic tracking of key performance metrics, an intuitive new dishmachine monitor and actionable reporting and alarms. Apex offers foodservice operators maximum control over their warewashing programme results and total costs.
The Importance Of Housekeeping And Delivering Outstanding Guest Satisfaction

This webinar provides important information on maintaining housekeeping standards and its impact on brand perception, steps that help maintain a cleaner, safer and healthier housekeeping operation keeping employees, customers and guests safe and healthy and  gives an overview of top tips to help increase guest satisfaction through improving cleanliness.

Think The Flu Is No big deal? Think Again.
This webinar will help you prepare for the flu season providing proactive measures you can take to help reduce risk, keeping your employees and guests safe and healthy.

Think Norovirus Is No Big Deal? Think Again.
The webinar provides important information on Norovirus, including how the virus is transmitted, why it is so contagious and proactive measures you can take to help reduce the risk of an outbreak.
Maintain A Cleaner, Safer And Healthier Washroom
Cleanliness is critical when it comes to protecting your brand.  This webinar provides important information on washroom cleanliness and its impact on public health and brand perception.
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