Proper Hand Hygiene Demonstration in Hospital
Join the movement on Global Handwashing Day

Future proofing hand hygiene for public health

This Webcast covers the importance of washing hands at critical times. Ellie Wishart, Real World Evidence Manager, & Meredith Theelen, Regulatory Specialist, presents how to help protect public health with hand hygiene on Global Handwashing Day.

It discusses:

  • Why Hand Hygiene is important & Evidence thereof
  • Moments for Hand Hygiene – When, How & Why we perform Hand Hygiene
  • How to raise awareness & sustain good hand hygiene habits
  • Why virucidal efficacy of alcohol based handrub (ABHR) is important for prevention of respiratory viruses



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Our Presenters

Ellie Wishart

Real World Evidence Manager

Meredith Theleen

Regulatory Specialist