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Pest solutions to safeguard a pest-free reputation

With Ecolab’s Restaurant Protect programmes you benefit from an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme tailored to the needs of food service businesses with a focus on tackling root cause with a science-based approach. Get a programme that provides you with the prevention and protection you need to minimise pest related risks to your business.


Help Protect Your Brand Reputation and Avoid Unplanned Expenses

The Ecolab Restaurant Protect Programmes deliver guaranteed results and give you confidence you’re doing everything possible to maintain a clean, safe, healthy and pest-free restaurant.

Our proactive approach protects you and your brand from costly pest risks and slowdowns. You’ll receive timely, discreet inspections and emergency response from highly trained service specialists committed to helping you protect your brand reputation and avoid unplanned expenses.


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A Negative Review on Social Media Can Damage Your Brand Reputation

Did you know that negative reviews that include the photo of a pest spread 2 to 3 times faster?

Source: https://revive.social/most-shared-content/

Book a Free Site Survey For Your Business

Our free site survey brings experts directly to you. Our trained surveyors will assess your site and requirements and provide you with a thorough report detailing how you can protect your business against pests and the risks they pose.

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Ecolab Customer Portal and Corrective Actions Management Platform
  • ANALISE insight-based dashboards
  • REVIEW real-time trending data
  • ACCESS organised, audit-ready service reports
  • LEVERAGE at one individual location or across multiple locations
  • EASILY DELIVERS audit-ready data when it’s needed
  • CLOSES THE LOOP with progress-tracking capabilities
  • PROVIDES unbeatable proactive and protective visibility

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